Lactation Cookies

Is it just me or as a breast-feeding mom are you always paranoid you aren't producing enough milk? From the beginning I was constantly worried I wasn't providing properly for Adler. Add the fact he spits up a lot and I was convinced he was never going to gain weight. Thankfully I have been 100% wrong about that. Many of you know Adler's story, but he was 8 weeks early which meant we spent a lot of time in the NICU. At the beginning I had to pump a lot because most of his feeds were being pushed through his NG tube. This was comforting because I knew exactly how much I was producing each time I pumped. Once we were discharged we switched to exclusively breastfeeding with exception to a b

Yoga Playlists

At the beginning of the year I started to teach classes at my local yoga studio The Breathing Room. This meant it was time to discover new music for my classes. Personally I have a hard time using playlists multiple times, which means making playlists is an incredibly time consuming task. I reached out to the people who follow me on Instagram and asked for some song recommendations and got tons of great suggestions. Many of the songs appear in my three latest playlists seen below. If you have Spotify click the playlist images and you'll be directed straight to the playlist for easy access to my profile and songs. You'll notice many of my playlists end with the same two songs. I think it

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