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In person group classes

Power Vinyasa with MacKenzie is a 90 minute vinyasa flow class. You can expect a physical class that emphasizes syncing your movement with breath. The sequencing will have purpose and guide you towards a deeper connection to your body and mind. There will be good music and even better people. Don't miss your chance to join. 

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Join MacKenzie at Yoga Nation in Red Deer, AB to learn more about fascial self care. The more scientists learn about the body role of fascial is becoming more clear. In this series MacKenzie will guide you through fascial release and movement practices that will help inform the students of their tension patterns and how to provide more effective and better self care for their body. Classes will be held Nov 5th, Nov 12th, Nov 19th and Nov 26th. Each class will be unique addressing different areas of the body. Join for one or all the classes. Sign up here

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If you are wanting to learn some fun arm balances and inversions this workshop is for YOU! It's so hard in a regular class to take the time to break these down and play. Inversion workshops are the best way to learn. Come join MacKenzie at Yoga Nation in Red Deer, AB to learn how to take your yoga practice to the next level!

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